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Resources for Earners

Below are some resources to share with your earners to help them use and manage the digital badges you have issued them.

How to claim your first badge on Credly

Check out this short how-to video for accepting your first badge using Credly.

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Adding digital badges to LinkedIn using Credly

Check out this short how-to video for adding your digital badges to LinkedIn using Credly.

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How to merge accounts on Credly

If you have multiple accounts on Credly and have a need to merge all of your accounts together under one email address and password – for example you have been issued badges on your school email address but would like to continue using Credly with your personal email address – please see this guide and video from Credly.

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How to add badges to your email signature

Show off your digital badges by adding them to your email signature!

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Offline Badge Certificate Templates

Digital badges must be issued directly to an email address belonging to the earner. When issuing via Credly, this requires an earner to be 13+ years old, or 11 – 12 years old with written parental consent. Users of the Navigatr app must be 13+.

We do not support the practice of issuing badges to an email address that does not belong to the earner, e.g. issuing to a parent, guardian or family member.

We want to ensure that no one is excluded from receiving recognition for their achievements, so if you are delivering activity to individuals that have fulfilled the earning criteria to be issued with one of your badges, but they:

  • Cannot access an email address of their own.
  • Cannot access the internet.
  • Are aged under 13 and cannot be issued to directly via Navigatr.
  • Are aged 11 – 12 and do not have parental consent to be issued to directly via Credly.
  • Are under the age of 11.

These badge certificate templates are here to help!

Click a button below to download a template for the appropriate layer of the Badge Standard, and fill with all the information on your badge including the visual, description, skills tags and earning criteria.

Add the earner’s name, print it out for them, or send to a parent or guardian.

You are welcome to change any colours or fonts to match with your own branding, but please ensure that the Badge Nation logo and Badge Standard text remains the same as the template.

Remember to keep a record of the number of earners you send these certificates to, so you can combine with your analytics reports.

Engage layer template

Participate layer template

Demonstrate layer template

Lead layer template