Meet the people behind the Badges!



My role involves Making sure the Badge Nation crew have everything they need, talking a lot about badges, thinking about the future and building relationships with new partners. Talk to me about anything to do with digital badges- I love them!


Customer Support & Quality Assurance Manager

As Badge Nation’s Customer Support and Quality Assurance Manager, my role is all about helping people to write great digital badges and supporting organisations to issue them via platforms such as Credly and Navigatr.


Sales and Business Development Lead

Talk to me about the right badge package for your needs. Whatever your badging needs, I can help you understand which technology will best serve your needs and be most effective and affordable over time.  


Customer Success Lead

If you have any questions about how you can develop your badging strategy, need support with implementing digital badging in your delivery, or just need someone to chat your ideas through with- I’m your person!
I can also help you with any renewal questions or any other general support requests you may have.


Digital Badge Assistant

Hi, my name is Abi! I work at Real Ideas, and I am a Digital Badge Assistant for Badge Nation. I was a Customer Experience Host at Real Ideas for just over a year before becoming a part of the Badge Nation team.