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Ruby Barter Customer Support & Quality Assurance Manager

My name is Ruby, I’m a Programme Coordinator for Real Ideas and a founding member of Badge Nation.

Coming from a background in events & buildings management, I now work on a range of projects including supporting community businesses, producing online events, connecting the people of Plymouth with nature, getting young people involved in social action, and business consultancy. I was first introduced to digital badges during the Cities of Learning pilot in 2019, where I took care of comms and marketing whilst assisting with badge writing workshops.

I love badges because they’re so flexible, not all learning happens on paper and we all deserve to be recognised for what we do outside of those stuffy GCSE certificates – I wish there had been digital badges available for all of my achievements as an Army Cadet growing up, or the university society that I was on the committee for! I look forward to contributing to the future of Badge Nation and empowering people to shout about their skills.

Talk to me if you have questions about how best to share your badges with the people you work with!

About Badge Nation

With Badge Nation you can easily create your own bespoke badges to acknowledge and reward the achievements of your students, volunteers, colleagues and teams.

Led by Real Ideas and Future Creators, all badges issued by Badge Nation are written using the Cities of Learning badge standard which is endorsed by City and Guilds and the RSA.

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Our Story

Badge Nation is a community of organisations formed to encourage, track, share, recognise, reward and motivate learning and ambition – all via digital badges.

Through Badge Nation you can easily create your own specific badges for your own students, colleagues, or teams.

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