Digital Badge Assistant

Hi, My name’s Abi and I’m the Digital Badge Assistant at Badge Nation.

What does your role involve?

Within my role, every day is different. One day I might be collating data about the impact our Badges are having on the world, the next day I might be Quality Assuring Digital Badges and speaking to our issuers about the activities they’re delivering. No 2 days are the same!

What previous experience do you bring to Badge Nation?

I graduated with a Fine Art Degree from Plymouth University in 2021. Despite being originally from Essex, I fell in love with Britain’s Ocean City and have been here since. As an artist and art lover, I have found opportunities that have helped nurture my creativity and have met some amazing people along the way. Real Ideas have played a big role in that; I have been able to exhibit artwork at Ocean Studios, join a print residency and be part of their Emerging Creatives Programme.

Why do you love Digital Badges?

It was through the Emerging Creatives Programme, run by Real Ideas, that I was introduced to digital badges and the first time that I received them. I was given badges for qualities that I never knew I had and for me, it was really validating. Yes, I had a degree but going into the working world was daunting. Digital Badges gave me a way to articulate my skillset and confidence in what I have to offer. I love badges because they recognise a person’s skills outside of traditional qualifications and they celebrate your achievements. Digital Badges are accessible and are for everyone. I wholeheartedly believe that they are the way forward!

If you could create yourself a badge for the past, present or future, what would it be and why would it be useful?

If I could give future me a badge it would be the ‘Girl, you really did that!’ badge. I’m so proud of the work I have done up to this point in time but there is so much more that I want to learn and experience. I’m confident that future me will have the same drive and open mind that I have now. I am looking forward to working towards my aspirations and when I do, I’ll be sure to give myself a badge for it!

What is your favourite badge and why?

At the moment, my favourite badge is ‘YES Project – Smashed It! Achieving your Goals’ by Voluntary Action Leicestershire. This badge celebrates personal achievements in not only education and career development but also in areas such as confidence, health and relationships. I love how this badge rewards and empowers individuals to achieve what is important to them because that to me, is the definition of smashing it! 

What can you help customers with?

If you’ve got questions about Badge Writing, how we Quality Assure your badges or need any support with issuing and using your badges- get in touch!