Badge of The Month – October

Third Sector International

Third Sector International – International Trainee in Construction and Trades

This astonishing ‘Demonstrate’ layer badge recognises earners’ successful work placement completion within the construction sector and celebrates the resilience and courage of doing so abroad; in Lebrija, Spain.

Each earner has proven themselves to be a versatile individual when applying their skills and construction knowledge to a new work environment, showing a strong work ethic and professionalism.

By applying themselves to a working context, learning a new language and living outside of their home country, earners have had invaluable experience for their personal and career development. During this process, they have showcased independence, confidence, and an enthusiasm for immersing themselves in another culture.

This badge provides a small snapshot into earners’ achievements; with the tools and skills they have gained, Spain is just the starting point for the great things ahead!