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Jemima Hurlock Programme Operations and Reporting Manager

I’m Jemima, part of the Real Ideas team and a founding member of Badge Nation. At Real Ideas I’ve been able to really grow my experience in the area of accredited learning, playing a key role in the launch and management of our very own Social Enterprise Qualification (SEQ) which supported learners to come up with real business solutions to address social and environmental issues.

I’ve been involved with digital badges since the Cities of Learning pilot in 2019 where I supported issuers to get set up with their badges on the system as well as helping our own team at Real Ideas to grow and issue badges across our own programme of work.

What excites me about badges is their ability to recognise achievement in a way that puts the learning experience at the heart of the activity, enabling earners to communicate real world skills and value to employers and education institutions in a clear and accessible way that instantly brings a CV or online profile to life.

Badges are a natural evolution of the framework we developed with SEQ but are even more flexible and accessible for organisations and individuals to engage with, and while they can absolutely be used to recognise formal accreditation, they also demonstrate a much bigger picture, allowing earners to follow pathways, access opportunities and communicate a holistic portfolio.

Talk to me about issuing badges and how you can use the analytics function of the platform to ensure your earners can get those badges claimed and shared with the world!

About Badge Nation

With Badge Nation you can easily create your own bespoke badges to acknowledge and reward the achievements of your students, volunteers, colleagues and teams.

Led by Real Ideas and Future Creators, all badges issued by Badge Nation are written using the Cities of Learning badge standard which is endorsed by City and Guilds and the RSA.

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Our Story

Badge Nation is a community of organisations formed to encourage, track, share, recognise, reward and motivate learning and ambition – all via digital badges.

Through Badge Nation you can easily create your own specific badges for your own students, colleagues, or teams.

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