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We believe everyone should get badging! If you’re looking to find out what digital badges are and how they work, why to badge for your organisation / sector, or what the costs of a Badge Nation membership are – scroll through the sections below, or check out our FAQs.

Costs & FAQs

About Digital Badges

To understand what we’re all about at Badge Nation, it is important to understand Digital Badges – a smart, simple, and visual way of recognising non-accredited learning, tailored to your organisation and the people that you work with.

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About Badge Nation Membership

Once you’re involved, you can quickly create, design, use and award your own bespoke badges, whilst sharing learning and knowledge with other Badge Nation members.

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Why badge?

Digital Badges are extremely flexible and can be used across any industry, but you may still be asking – “why should I badge, and how does it apply to my organisation or sector?” Here, we have some further information on why badges could be right for you.

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