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Introducing our new Digital Badging Packages

Get the lowdown from Ed Hart – Sales and Business Development Lead at Badge Nation

Ed Hart is our sales and business development lead here at Badge Nation, and here he gives us some valuable insights into the new digital badging packages on offer. This is Ed’s at-a-glance breakdown of how they work – and why the Badge Nation team think they’re brilliant. 

As a purpose-driven social enterprise, we want is to get organisations badging and keep them badging. Digital badges are the tool we use to drive the recognition revolution. 

Here’s our assurances around any of the packages we offer: 

  • We believe in starting small and even if you have huge ambitions, we will always coach you to start small and grow one badge at a time 
  • We make sure you never pay more for your badge technology requirements than you need 
  • If you find that the badge package you’ve selected isn’t working for you – we will always let you reduce it, swop it out or add something to it. 

Our core Badge Nation services have been designed to help you get badging and stay badging – whatever badge issuing platform you want to choose.  

For those of you who are also after a badge issuing service, we offer packages that combine BN services with what we consider to be the best and best value digital badge issuing services out there. 

Badging at Work Packages  

These are the cheapest and easiest way to start using digital badges as a recognition tool at work. The focus of these packages is support in writing high quality badges that make a significant difference to the performance of your team and support the development of your work culture.  

These packages work best for single organisations who employ less than 250 people. 

You will get access to pre-populated templates for you to adapt and access to the badge checking and a quality assurance service for every badge you write.

Badging in your Community Packages  

These packages are perfect for individual organisations or partnerships who want to make their learning offers more valuable, more visible and better connected in a particular city, town or region.

Badging at Scale Packages  

These packages are aimed at organisations who want to issue badges to lots of earners. Whether you are a college, university or large membership organisation, they are designed to keep your ongoing technology costs low.  

Not sure which is the best fit for your organisation? 

Book a free Badge Chat with us – tell us what you’re hoping to achieve, and we will support you through deciding the best option for you.  

If you’re an existing Badge Nation member and are interested in any of the new packages or new features, we are offering a free badge audit – usually £350 – in May and June to help you see if you’re using the right package for your needs.